Café Mozart Breads:

Our Breads are hearty and healthy - absolutely No Preservatives - and baked just as they are in Europe.
We offer three distinct breads each with it's own identity.

Farmer Rye - known as Bauer Brot, is a wonderful Crusty Bread made with a mix of Rye Flour and Wheat Flour.

Six Grain Bread - known as Kornspitz is made with Six Grains for unique texture and flavor.

Black Bread - known as Schwarz Brot is a Whole Grain Bread made with Crushed Wheat and Crushed Rye. This bread is a favorite for breakfast, or with a meal covered with Butter, Cheese, Jam or all three ! Can you say FIBER !

We also offer Brötchen - hard rolls baked to perfection for a breakfast roll, sandwich roll or even a dinner roll......our customers can't get enough of these little guys.


Examples of our home-made Rolls:
(Farmer Rye, Kornspitz, Black Bread)

Examples of our home-made Brötchen Rolls

Our Six Grain Bread

Our Farmer's Rye

Our Six Grain and Farmer Rye looks as good as it tastes.