Café Mozart Studels

German Bakery is synonymous with crisp Apple Strudel.
We bake The Best Vienna Apple Strudel you will find this side of the Atlantic !

We offer Apple Strudel by the slice, family size, or party size....yes, its a crowd pleaser.

And while Apple Strudel is the most traditional and most popular strudel, there are those who crave variety.
So, we also make Blueberry Cheese Strudel, Raspberry Cheese Strudel, and Cherry Cheese Strudel. You may also like Poppy Seed Strudel, Hazelnut Strudel or Almond Paste Strudel. You will want to plan many visits - until you have tried them all !!!

(see menu for pricing - and don't forget to call ahead if you have your heart set on a particular strudel)

Apple Strudel

Cherry Cheese Strudel