Our family Bakery boasts authentic traditional baked goods
crafted on the premises, from the finest imported ingredients.

Enjoy beautiful Tortes, tempting Strudel, delicate Pastries,
hearty and healthy German Breads and more!!!

Everything in our showcases is baked fresh daily.

We bring our extensive training and experience from
 Austria, Germany and Switzerland

for the sophisticated tastes of our valued customers.

Cafe Mozart is a German Bakery and
a must stop for your next family or business gathering.

* We are bakers with over 30 years experience in Austria, Switzerland and Germany.

Cafe Mozart

German Bakery

(Click on the address below for a map and directions.)

6754 4th St N, Saint Petersburg, FL 33702

(727) 521-1333

Tuesday - Saturday
7 AM - 3:30 PM

Sunday - Monday
8 AM - 2 PM




"Expect the un-expected."

We carry German Sausage as well as some of your favorite European Imports such as Coffee, Seasonings and Noodles !!!